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Mindfulness – Day 6

We are reaching the end of the week and now it is time to get active! Regardless of the weather today we will go on a mindful walk/journey. If you have mobility difficulties this can be done in the garden while seated. Many of us will go about our daily routines set on auto pilot. […]

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Mindfulness – Day 5

Today we will establish a personal affirmation or mantra to use daily. This can be a phrase, word or sound that we will repeat, during a meditation or during the simple breathing exercise from day 1 and 2. The affirmation will help us to focus on our breathing. This in turn can quieten our minds, […]

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Mindfulness -Day 4

Day 4 already! Hopefully, you are incorporating the breathing exercises into your daily routine and have chosen a mindfulness prompt. Now take a moment to consider if your prompt is working effectively. If not then change it! Today we want to develop the use of being mindful during a daily activity. This could be during […]

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Mindfulness – Day 3

Many of us at some point, set out to make a change to our lives. We will join a gym or begin to eat healthier but often life takes over and old habits creep in. This is why today we will choose a mindfulness prompt. This will ensure that we continue to build mindfulness into […]

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Mindfulness – Day 2

Hopefully we have all manged to begin our mindful breathing exercise. Continue this each day for the week. Today we are looking at a short breath technique that can immediately bring your thoughts and feelings into the present enabling you to refocus. This can be done at any time anywhere. Relax your shoulders and breathe […]

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Mindfulness – Day 1

Being mindful starts today with focusing on our breathing. This simple technique can be carried out at any time of the day for 5 -10 minutes. For me personally I find that just before I get out of bed or before I go to sleep is ideal. While lying down or sitting take a moment […]

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Mindfulness – Let’s begin our week…

We all have busy lives and responsibilities, although we often neglect our biggest responsibility ourselves. However when we do have a second to relax. Our minds can often be busy with thoughts and emotions, which at times are not relevant to the here and now. Many of us can replay a previous days, weeks or […]

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I love me …

The most important but often neglected relationship is the one we have with ourselves. We are often our own biggest critic pointing out flaws that we would find cruel and unnecessary, if we did so to others. How we feel about ourselves often affects our lives on various levels especially our relationships with others. Our […]

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Digital Detox

As the New Year began, many people were starting new diets, beginning exercise regimes and making changes to improve their overall lives. I began to become aware of people expressing the need for more time to relax and reflect. They felt that their minds were constantly whirring with no end in sight. Part of the […]

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7 Days Positive Posture ….

Day 1 Our bodies and minds are connected, with one naturally having a negative or positive effect on the other. Many of us are aware that exercise can help to relieve stress and improve our overall wellbeing. However just changing your posture can also have its benefits. Over the next 7 days why not try […]

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