"Meditation is the key to inner peace, to self-healing and soul growth."

Lynn Round

Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Medium &
Teacher of Meditation

Workshops and Retreats

Come join my spiritual retreats and workshops in Meditation and Mindfulness, Ribbon Reading and Psychic Development. Explore your psychic gifts or unwind in our weekend retreats.


The benefits of meditation can be experienced quickly and easily by complete beginners, practicing simple meditation techniques – such as a breathing meditation regularly.

Ribbon Readings

Ribbons are a very old Celtic way of connecting with people and along with flowers are some of the few tools you are allowed to use to give readings in spiritual churches.

Psychic Readings

Enjoy a spiritually enlightening psychic reading exploring your relationships, career, health and the current influences in your life. You may book a Skype reading or have a live reading now.

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After the new moon, the sunlit portion is increasing, but less than half, so it is waxing crescent. After the first quarter, the sunlit portion is still increasing, but now it is more than half, so it is waxing gibbous. After the full moon (maximum illumination), the light continually decreases. So the waning gibbous phase occurs…

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