Mindfulness – Day 3

By May 25, 2017July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Many of us at some point, set out to make a change to our lives. We will join a gym or begin to eat healthier but often life takes over and old habits creep in.

This is why today we will choose a mindfulness prompt. This will ensure that we continue to build mindfulness into our daily routines.

A prompt could be a visual aid like a note on the fridge, a sound like a text alert. An action – for example logging on to your computer or may be before you start your car engine. As long as it is something that occurs a few times a day.

This will then remind you to take a moment and refocus, using the breathing exercises we are already practising. The aim is to stop our minds wondering to unhelpful thoughts which in turn can create negative emotions.

Enjoy today as it will only happen once. If you are unable to, just think that by tomorrow, today will be in the past.