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My New Year’s List….

Recently a friend told me that at the start of each January. They begin to make a Bucket List for the New Year ahead. Not one that was necessarily filled with wild and extravagant activities. Simply a list of things that they would like to experience, see or try out of curiosity. On the list […]

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In this modern age people constantly seem to be evaluating how happy they are, even trying to quantify it. Many will read books on the topic, do online quizzes to assess how happy they are, but what does being happy actually mean. The dictionary defines Happy as…..feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Many people will […]

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Are we listening ……?

During our lives we will have many conversations, all of varying importance. Communication is a skill that we acquire through observing others and quite often we never really think about how positive our own communication skills are. Many of us during a conversation are not listening to what is actually said …… “Most people do […]

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Living without Regret

We all can look back to the past and wish we could have taken a different path and made different choices. However we need to remember that we are often looking back with hindsight and from a wiser more knowledgeable perspective. Regrets from the past, can often creep into the present. Immediately evoking the emotions […]

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Time for a change!

Time for a change! I am continually finding myself saying the words…….. ‘Is it Friday already?’ closely followed by ‘Where did that weekend go?’ For many of us time passes very quickly due to our hectic and often routine, time tables of life. We may often find ourselves reflecting about the previous week. The week […]

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The Law of Attraction

This is a philosophy that states ‘like attracts like’. Therefore in theory, if we are positive and optimistic this will draw in positivity and success. If we are negative, resentful and despondent in our thoughts, actions and emotions. We will attract, more of the same into our lives. To generate positive outcomes, we need to […]

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Mindfulness is an ancient eastern practice – and is a very simple form of meditation. It enables you to quieten your mind and take control of your own focus of attention. Instead of you passively allowing it to focus on negative or distressing thoughts. By learning to focus your attention, you can prevent past or […]

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