7 Days Positive Posture ….

By January 10, 2017July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Day 1

Our bodies and minds are connected, with one naturally having a negative or positive effect on the other.
Many of us are aware that exercise can help to relieve stress and improve our overall wellbeing. However just changing your posture can also have its benefits. Over the next 7 days why not try out my suggestions.

Day 2

Today consider your posture and confidence, try walking with positivity……head up, shoulders and jaw relaxed. How can you see where you are going and the path to take if you are always looking down? How can you meet new friends? How can you enjoy the world around you?

Day 3

Today think about how your posture and body language represent you. We all need to try and communicate more with each other on a daily basis. Not via text and email but on a one to one basis. When you last went to buy bread or petrol did you make eye contact or smile at the person that served you? Would you have even recognised them a few minutes later? Try and improve your posture and in turn your mood by interacting more. Keep your head up, make eye contact and smile.

Day 4

Breath ……When we are tense our posture will be hunched, by straightening up we will allow ourselves to be able to breath properly and relax.

Day 5

If we are slouched with our heads down it is difficult to feel happy. Think how you are sitting now and consider how you feel……..

Now if you can sit up straight do, and then relax your shoulders and back a little. Finally smile ….don`t just upturn the sides of your mouth…really smile with your mouth and through your eyes.

This, even if just for a moment, will lift your mood. A change in posture can make a difference to how you are feeling.

Day 6

Move more…..Improve your mood by moving, if you can, go outside and blow away those cobwebs. If you are unable to just gently open and close your hands to help you relax…only do what you are able to.

Day 7

Try and think about your posture every day. It can be useful to use a prompt to remind you. This could be a photograph or quote that helps you to reflect on how your feeling. Then consider how your mood is affecting your posture. In turn this allows you to reposition yourself and improve your posture. Refer back to day 2.