The Law of Attraction

By September 30, 2016July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

This is a philosophy that states ‘like attracts like’. Therefore in theory, if we are positive and optimistic this will draw in positivity and success. If we are negative, resentful and despondent in our thoughts, actions and emotions. We will attract, more of the same into our lives.

To generate positive outcomes, we need to consider our intentions and what we would like to attract into our lives. However just casually thinking about what we want is not enough. By spending fifteen minutes each day. Visualising in detail images of the life we wish to create. This in turn will build the energy we are putting into our intentions.

Many people initially will become disheartened if their intentions do not immediately appear. Their positive energy will dissipate and wane. Thoughts will become negative and they will begin to attract more of the same very quickly as negativity creeps in.

At this point we should stay focused on out intentions and what we want to achieve. We should not change our goals. maintain enthusiasm and not letting the bumps in the road become our focus.

If we have strong emotions and passion regarding a situation, plan or idea we will generate more of that feeling. Take a moment to consider at present where you are focusing your thoughts and emotional energy. Is it being channeled positively?

In life we will be challenged by negative events. However if we can take a positive element e.g. may be you feel better than yesterday, may be the doctor has advised a new treatment etc. If we can devise a plan of action, even just changing a few elements we will feel more empowered and less helpless and this will generate the law of attraction.

Begin to practice the law of attraction …….

Visualise what you want your life to be (this is not necessarily material items) Do you want to improve your work situation, health, happiness. Do you have a dream of living abroad or in the country side etc.?

Create a scrap book or mood board of photographs, colours, and quotes. That represent what you would like to draw into your life and develop.

Use a daily affirmation…..look in the mirror each day and confidently state with belief, what it is you want to achieve.

The law of attraction is based on the idea that you will draw in positivity. If that is where you put your emotional energy and thoughts. So initially smile and enjoy creating a happier and more positive outlook.