My New Year’s List….

By December 28, 2016July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Recently a friend told me that at the start of each January. They begin to make a Bucket List for the New Year ahead. Not one that was necessarily filled with wild and extravagant activities. Simply a list of things that they would like to experience, see or try out of curiosity.

On the list there was a variety of ideas…….
1. See a Waterfall…..research nearest one to home
2. Try a new cuisine ….Russian?
3. Try an Expresso Martini
4. Go to Australia ……begin to plan and take steps to making this a reality
5. Learn to meditate…..start to build into daily routine
6. Plan three family days out, to different parts of the UK that we have never visited

Without the list maybe the year would have passed as others had. Forgetting or being too busy to have new experiences. The more extravagant “I would love to…..” may not be achievable during the year ahead. However it should not stop you planning and taking the first steps to eventually making your dream a reality. The list can help you to focus on the present and become more excited about the future.

You will then be able to look back and have positive memories, feeling a sense of achievement, may be even smiling when you recall the first time you saw a waterfall.

During January think about creating your own list. Not a list of ridged resolutions.
I should eat healthy, I should go to the gym…….these are positive life style changes, however keep your list for I want to, or it would be fun to, it would be exciting to…..

Have you ever watched the sun set? May be that could be the start of your list.

Start this year positive, making it special and making it yours.