Crystals at Christmas

By December 18, 2017July 11th, 2023Alternative Healing

Christmas is nearly here, all the planning, wrapping, decorating is hopefully done. Just in time for us to enjoy this special day.

Many of us will have been busy trying to prepare the ‘perfect’ day, but in doing so we can put ourselves under unnecessary pressure.

At Christmas family and friends get together which for some, can be fantastic or a little taxing.

To help with the highs and lows of different energies being present, it is often a good idea to use Crystals.

This can be personally to balance your own emotions or around the home to counteract any unwanted energies that may arise.

Here are a few Crystals that could be useful at this time…


Aventurine – You may feel a lot of people are relying on you at Christmas, aventurine helps maintain your own strength. It reinforces leadership qualities, empathy and compassion. It is good to have around the home as it defuses negativity and attracts prosperity.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper – this will be an ideal all-rounder, the supreme nurturer as it is known helps unify all areas of your life. It can aid you in times of stress, bringing tranquility and calm.


Celestite – this is an excellent healing stone. It can bring calm and clarity to situations. It promotes communication and can also disperse worries.


Peridot – was used in ancient times to dispel evil spirits and so was often used for protection. It is a good ‘Cleanser’ helping you to leave ‘old hang ups’ behind. Such as guilt, obsessions and negative thinking. It aids you in looking inwards, to find your inner positive energy and to be guided by it.


Magnesite – This can be very helpful in dealing with loved ones who are challenging, due to addictions or behaviours. It promotes the ability to draw on unconditional love by allowing you to be accepting, while maintaining your own centre and balance.

The main thing is to enjoy the holidays! Relax! If things don’t go exactly to plan…don’t worry.

After all Christmas should mean much more.