Jasper…The Supreme Nurturer

By April 19, 2017July 27th, 2023Alternative Healing

This crystal is said to be nourishing and protective in which ever colour you choose. It comes in a variety of colours brown, red, green, yellow, purple and blue.

It has a strong connection to earth’s energy and so is useful for grounding the user.

It allows you to explore honesty within yourself and gives support during unavoidable conflict.

When used for healing Jasper is useful in supporting the digestive, circulatory and sexual organs. It can create balance within the body without creating overstimulation. This crystal is slow acting and so is used for long periods of time. Therefore use if you want change at a gentle pace.

When using for chakra alignment choose the relevant colour for each specific chakra. Various colours will have additional properties. Red Jasper for example is useful for calming emotions, highlighting problems from an early onset. It will also stimulate base chakras. Blue Jasper stimulates the throat chakra it can also aid the management of degenerative diseases.

Within the home brown Jaspar can be useful for absorbing negative energy.

Due to its varying colours and ability to aid the chakras this is a good all round tool to use during meditation and alternative healing.