Earth’s Little Gifts

By April 23, 2018July 12th, 2023Alternative Healing

Throughout time Crystals have been used to bring balance and healing. They are thought to work through vibrational energy. They are also used due to their mineral content which has therapeutic properties. One example would be Malachite which has a copper content – this is associated with aiding the reduction of inflammation. Certain Crystals have also been found to calm or invigorate the organs and so these can be used depending on the cause. To promote or reduce activity.

Crystals are used to heal holistically working with emotional, physical, and spiritual energy and levels of being. Working on all levels can help determine an area of unbalance. Crystal healing should never replace medical advice, however it can be an aid to recovery and creating balance.

They can also be used for protection for example, Black Tourmaline can have the ability to absorb negativity. This could be placed in the home or worn as a necklace. Amber can also be worn to protect your own energy.

Crystals are also used to attract positive energies. Selenite is often used within the home to attract pure/angelic energy. Rose Quartz can be used to attract love and balance relationships.

When using Crystals for healing you can base your choice on symptoms or on the emotion, you may be feeling. Which is effecting you mentally or physically. Ideally when you purchase a Crystal do it in person, relax and if you are unsure which one is suitable ask for advice or choose the one that you are drawn to. Trust your own intuition.

Always cleanse your Crystals this will disperse any other energy than your own. However it will also wash away the intent. Therefore if a Crystal has not been used for a while cleanse it and then hold in the palm of your hand and focus on the purpose of its use. Then keep the Crystal with or near you to continue that link. Meditating with the Crystal will also allow you to become attuned to its properties. Finally they can also be used to represent the various elements like fire, water, air etc. that you may wish to work with.

There are many different types of Crystals each having different strength and action times. Take things slowly initially and begin to explore their properties and uses.