Topaz – the joyful go getter…

By November 15, 2017July 27th, 2023Alternative Healing

Topaz is an all-rounder it can aid healing, focus and can promote forgiveness and happiness. It is a very spiritual stone, allowing you to trust in the universe reducing doubt and worry.

Due to its vibrant energy Topaz is useful in aiding motivation, passion and joy, when used alongside affirmations and meditation.

It can also be used in aura cleansing, allowing spiritual development and self-belief to productively move forward.

When meditating blue Topaz works best when placed on the throat or brow chakra. This allows you to revaluate your path, and consider if you are being true to yourself.

In regards to healing Topaz is thought to aid the digestive system and can promote a positive outlook.


Blue – is the colour most associated with Topaz however it can be found in clear, golden-yellow and pink these will each have their own specific properties.

Clear – aids understanding of Karmic effect

Pink – aids your ability to break patterns of behaviour and so helps you to move forward

Golden yellow – promotes spiritual and physical rejuvenation