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You are in touch with your own personal power.”</h1> </div>
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and harm ye none.”</h1> </div>
Psychic Readings

Enjoy a spiritually enlightening psychic reading exploring your relationships, career, health and the current influences in your life.

Workshops and Retreats

Come join my spiritual retreats and workshops in Ribbon Reading, Psychic Development, Meditation and Walking a Wiccan Path.

Walking a Wiccan Path

The Wiccan path is a beautiful path of love, peace and healing. It is a loving, gentle way of living that is practised with joy and balance.

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Magical Moon Workshop

Come and join us on the Magical Moon Workshop where we will explore the magical moon phases.
This will be held on Saturday 15th July 2017 from 10.30am – 4pm
The venue for the Workshop will be …

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Blessed Litha!

Blessed Litha! Sacred Fire!
Magical sunrise stirs desire
Queen of Heaven and of Earth
We celebrate your bright rebirth
We see your first blessed rays
In these magical solstice days
Ascending cycle to fulfil
Dancing on the silver hill.
Lilies burn with your …

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Twisted Willows Newsletter – June 2017 Competition

During June 2017 if you refer a friend to sign up to our monthly newsletter we will enter you both into our draw for a free 15 minute reading*. To sign up to the newsletter …

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Summer Solstice Celebration

The Summer Solstice – this year is on the 21st June 2017.
Originally a festival held to give thanks for the harvest, communities would hold feasts and honour the Sun and all of its power.
It was …

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Litha – 21st June 2017

Litha celebrates the Sun and all of its power. The word Litha or Solstice means the stopping or standing still of the Sun.
Litha is the longest day of the year, meaning that we will have …

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New Week Day Classes!

From September 2017 we will be launching two new classes covering Psychic Development and Walking a Wiccan Path.
These will be held during school hours to accommodate people who are unable to commit to an evening …

Fabulous Feedback

  • A wonderful Teacher

    Lynn is a wonderful teacher. Her groups and workshops are always full of laughter and love. She gently guides you on your spiritual journey by sharing her passion for her way of life and work. Thank you Lynn, you are such a special lady x

  • Had an amazing time

    Have had the best ever retreat in Cornwall....thank you to Lynn Round & Rachael Flavell for an amazing time! The food was amazing, beautifully presented & so much of it!!! Thanks Rach! It was lovely to join up with old friends & meet new ones! I have journeyed to places I never dreamt possible!! Thank you to all the housemates you were as ever very entertaining!! Love & Blessings to you all xxxxxx Love

  • I learned such a lot and met fabulous people Everyone needs to go on at least one of your retreats you are amazing Lynn xx thank you so much xx fantastic weekend I learned such a lot and met fabulous people with so many talents xxx
    Joanna Bain

  • I just love Lynn

    I just love Lynn - she has been my support and mainstay through a very difficult period in my life. I trust that I am finally at the end of a long and bitter battle, and honestly could not have done it without her. Thank you Lynn. I would love to develop my own spirituality. Soon.

  • The best way to experience love and light

    To anyone who has yet to experience a retreat, this is by far the best way to experience love and light. I had a fabulous time, made some amazing friends but best of all I found me, who I was and who I am yet to be. The retreat has made me feel uplifted, motivated and most of all restored my belief and faith in myself. I feel confident and I have my spring in my step. It has been a long since I have found the inner me, if you are sitting there thinking you can't do something in your life. By the end of the retreat you will think you can have, do and be anything you want this is your journey. I can hand on my heart say I was lucky enough to take that step with Lynn and the group. I am so happy and grateful to have met Lynn and the group for such a great weekend. x

  • Highly recommended

    Lynn makes you feel uplifted even before the information comes thick and fast. Beautiful soul. Highly recommend x

  • Lynn sees the inner you

    Ever wanted people to see you for the person you are on the inside and not judge you for your looks, your ethnicity or other societal beliefs, at Lynn's workshops and retreats no one sees the outer you, only the inner you, your core, your soul, your spirit and will greet you as an old friend and openly welcome you in and teach you how to unlock yourself to a happier balanced life.

  • I attended a weekend retreat, and loved it! I love what and how Lynn teaches! The food and accommodation was excellent with lots of insights to be had! A great experience! Thank you x

  • Truly recommendable

    Hi, Nice to meet you at the faery fest! I've taken in mind what you have told me and behold I have another Native Indian coming... xxx

  • A very talented psychic

    I have had a couple of readings with Lynn now and each time she truly has been an inspiration, as well as being a very talented psychic she has a level of empathy that is beyond this world. She puts aside her own troubles to use her deeply compassionate nature to make you feel postive and able to face the future. Thank you so much Lynn, sending you big hugs xx

  • A very lovely and inspirational lady

    I had a wonderful evening with Lynn and left feeling very comforted and positive. A very lovely and inspirational lady with an exceptional psychic ability, thank you Lynn I will definitely be seeing you again :-)

  • Right all the time

    Lynn, just want to say thank you for helping me through my journey and guiding me through the challenges along the way. You are right all the time!
    Amardip Khosa Stark

  • Lynn's reading will change my life

    I have just returned from my reading with Lynn - amazing is all i can say. So accurate, so precise, this lady's reading will change my life. Thank you.
    Jane S

  • Fantastic reader

    All I can say is.......Absolutely fantastic thank you so much xx

  • Lynn's predictions are always spot on Lynn is fantastic, she has never been wrong yet. She is always there and offers guidance and her predictions are always spot on, sometimes within half hour of putting the phone down.
    Gemma T

  • Fruitful Workshop

    Love it!!! Just attended one of Lynn's workshops @ Chalice Wells! You should bottle what you do Lynn!!! Love & Light xxx
    Christine Tuck

  • The most wonderful, talented and genuine person

    Lynn is truly amazing... I can not even bear to think where I would be if it wasn't for Lynn....she is just the most wonderful talented and genuine person..her talent is so natural and she is such a warm and wonderful woman that i feel blessed to have found her... I always come away from speaking with her full of hope and joy and always having had a laugh and natter and feeling so much better. She is truly a very special lady... I can not recommend her highly enough..she will touch your life and change it for the best and all with laughter and love!! I adore her!! She is a blessing in my life!!!
    Stephanie Vizer

  • Warm and caring reader

    Yet again another warm, caring, informative and challenging reading from our Angel Lynn x She reveals the truth of each situation and always speaks to your heart even when it may not be receptive lol x Many Thanks for your inspiration lovely Lady.

  • An angel in the flesh

    OMG! What can I say! I was speechless how accurate Lynn was with my reading. She is truly amazing. She left me feeling so empowered afterwards. One of the best readings I've ever experienced. Thank you so much Lynn. You are an angel in the flesh.
    Deon Ali

  • Fabulous Reader

    Lynn is a lovely lady and a fabulous reader.
    Rhian Javed

  • Real Connection

    Great website. I feel a real connection with you.

  • Vibrant reader

    Thank you for my readings and development work over the phone - looking vibrant in your piccy.

  • Supportive reader

    You are a special friend and colleague. You are never far from my thoughts. You have backed and supported me more than you know. Thank you.xxx
    Linda Joyce

  • Powerful insight

    Hi Lynn, I found you! Spoke to you today, had been trying all day and really pleased I did. You thought I was a psychic as you said the energy was very strong and that we should 'talk about my development'. I would be interested in this. I have lit my black, red and white candles and feel much calmer. Thank you for your insight into the situation. I await the outcome. Thank you again. Elaine NB. The lady that moved, the taxi driver.
    Elaine Phillips

  • An absolute delight to talk to

    As always, Lynn gets right to the heart of the matter! No nonsense and practical approach, she empowers you to take control and move forward! An absolute delight to talk to! x

  • Real joy to meet Lynn Dear Lynn, It was a real joy to meet you and your daughter on Friday at the NEC. My friend Rachel and I were so delighted to meet ‘normal, like minded’ people!!! So thank you for that and also giving us a demo of your ribbon gift! I went home, wrote my letter and felt no different. ..but…that night all my worst fears came to me in a nightmare. The next morning I felt…free! :-) Rachel and I hope to meet you again soon. All the best. Nikki

  • Journeyed to places I never dreamt possible Have had the best ever retreat in Cornwall….thank you to Lynn Round & Rachael Flavell for an amazing time! The food was amazing, beautifully presented & so much of it!!! Thanks Rach! It was lovely to join up with old friends & meet new ones! I have journeyed to places I never dreamt possible!! Thank you to all the housemates you were as ever very entertaining!! Love & Blessings to you all xxxxxx

  • Brilliant Reader

    Just had my first reading with Lynn after she was recommended by a friend. Brilliant just what I needed, and spot on everything!!!! Thanks Lynn xx

  • A fantastic gift

    I have had three readings with Lynn over the past 2 years and I think she's an amazing woman. She has a fantastic gift, but her warm personality, compassion and sensitivity make her readings a wonderful experience that you will want to return again and again for guidance on life's ups and downs...look forward to seeing you again later this year xx
    Linda Vaughan

  • Amazing reading

    Thank you for the reading ... it was amazing the way you described a certain person in my life ... I feel much better now ... xx
    Liz Short

  • Found my inner self

    Thank you for the most amazing time on the retreat, I can hand on heart say you have helped me find myself and for the first time in a long time helped me put myself first. The retreat was my journey and I feel like I have reached my destination. I found my inner self and got to see and experience a whole new world through meditation, I have been blessed to experience things one can only imagine. This retreat has been the best for anyone looking for their own self development. I have laughed like I haven't laughed in years and I found the answers I was looking for. You have helped me realise I am in control of my own destiny and how to achieve anything I want in life. The retreat is the best place for love, life and laughter. I have made some amazing friends and I would love to go on another retreat. For anyone who has yet to experience a retreat, you don't know what you are missing. Thank you so much for everything Lynn. x

  • Inspirational and Great

    It was wonderful to spend time with you at Chalice Well last weekend. Inspirational, great fun and just a bit crazy as well. Lovely group who just went with the flow. It has helped me understand a lot more about my own potential and to TRUST. Thank you Lynn and the Wolverhampton Posse too.

  • Beautiful soul

    Had many readings before I had one with Lynn, she has a beautiful soul which comes across immediately.

  • Soothing voice and gentle soul

    Hi Lynn, love speaking with you, you really life me. You've such a soothing voice and a gentle soul xxxxx
    Denise Reid

  • Love the Twisted Willow Wicca

    I love the Twisted Willow Wicca. I also love the universe and cosmic.
    Sylvia Liang

  • Accurate, honest and caring

    WOW!!!! just had a reading, this lady is so accurate and even told me my deepest secrets. What a great pleasure to meet someone so honest and so caring. Thank you Lynn. Look forward to meeting you soon xxxx Zoe

  • Lynn gave me a positive outlook in life

    Been to see Lynn on 12/09/09. I was completely gobsmacked. She contacted my Dad who passed away last year and it was just like talking to him when he was here!! He made us laugh and cry and laugh some more!!! Thank you so much Lynn. You have given me a positive outlook and I feel tonnes better. Will no doubt be seeing you again soon!!!

  • Absolutely amazing, restful, and enlightening weekend What an absolutely amazing, restful, and enlightening weekend spent with beautiful souls ❤️️ Thank you Lynn and Rachel for such a special weekend and creating a space for all of us to just be ourselves, relax and explore this amazing universe under the safety of your wings 🎇🔮
    Tamara King

  • Can't recommend this enough

    Thank you for an amazing weekend on the retreat! If you really want to develop I can't recommend this enough! Awesomeness right there! Amazing to be able to realise everyone has a gift and that it can be developed and once started on this journey there is no going back! And the person who has guided us to develop and encourages you to continue to develop is Lynn! Absolutely amazing!! Xxx much love and light xxx
    Lisa C

  • Very accurate reading

    Thank you Lynn for today. Very accurate reading and connecting with my dad. Will take forward what you have said starting today :-)
    Gemma McMullan

  • I have achieved my spiritual growth with Lynn

    On meeting Lynn a few years ago, I have set out and achieved my spiritual growth. With the gentle guidance from Lynn, she has shown me my potential. Lynn was "My Find". I cannot thank you enough Lynn for your patience and kindness, and you know when I needed that push to get out there and share everything. Words cannot thank you enough. Many blessings and love. xxx
    Karen Pedley

  • Brilliant reader

    Just wanna say thank you for my reading. You are brilliant and i cant wait for my next one take care love xxx

  • Pleasure meeting Lynn Dear Twisted Willow, It was such a pleasure to meet you at the NEC on Saturday. I asked you what ribbon reading entailed & you spent the time to speak individually to both my mum & myself. For mum it was a great comfort & I so look forward to booking in to one of your courses in the future. I am sure we will meet again. Mekala xxx

  • Wonderful Reader

    Delighted to have found your own website. Have had many wonderful readings with you and hope to have many more.Lots of love

  • Great inspiration to others

    You are a great inspiration to all who meet with you. Lovely to see you again at the Healing Weekend 2010.
    Linda Joyce