The Sound of Change…

By June 7, 2017July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Sound – is created through vibrations which travel through the air or through another medium.

We are constantly surrounded by sounds, all creating subtle or strong changes to how we feel within a moment. A song can evoke a memory, an alarm can create alertness or fear, a loved one’s voice happiness. So many different sounds, so many different feelings all pulling us through time, from past and present.
The spoken word therefore is a powerful tool, which can create positivity and negativity depending on how it is used. It is not surprising then that sound has been used since ancient times to gain spiritual enlightenment and promote healing.
Mantra – this is a sound or word which when repeated can focus concentration. It is a sacred utterance in Sanskrit believed to be spiritually meaningful. This is different to affirmations which tend to be based on positive words or phrases that create a positive and focused feeling within a person.

Mantras or chants are often used during Yoga and Meditation to help relax and focus the mind. Over thousands of years different religions have used mantras during rituals.

In ancient teaching and writings like Sanskrit the vowel sounds were considered to be sacred, carrying with them focus and intention. These sounds are often used to connect to specific chakras during meditation.

Begin to open your mind, body and spirit…

Find a quiet area, where you will not be interrupted. Initially when you begin to use a mantra, start with a gentle unstrained voice. Focus your intent and pitch the sound at a level that feels comfortable, sensing the natural resonance within your body- be aware that the throat will naturally resonate also due to vocalising.

Om Namah Shivaya – a powerful healing mantra that aids mental and physical ailments.

It translates as ‘I bow to god’ ‘I bow to my inner self’ this Hindu mantra refers to god being within us all. It also related to truth, divine love and grace. During this mantra sit upright and focus on the words. Visualise your true inner self. Useful if you are feeling alone or worried.

OM (pronounced AUM) – Relates to spiritual connection and relaxation to body, mind and soul. Useful if you are feeling unhappy, overwhelmed and aids communication.

Its origins are in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is believed to be a universal spiritual sound which is said to have a direct link to all beings and things – God.

Begin by taking a deep breath and say ‘AUM’ repeat 7 times. Do this twice a day ideally in a morning and at night over a week.

Sat Nam – When separated the word Sat and its vibration reaches to the crown chakra and the Nam is a grounding vibration. It calls on awareness and empowerment.

It translates as ‘truth is my name’, it can be away to explore your intuition and reinvigorate self-love and sexual energy. Its origins are from Hinduism and Buddhism. If you can build the length of time you carry out this meditation each day up to half an hour.

Positive Affirmations…

If you are new to Meditation or Yoga you can always begin with practicing a positive affirmation.

This is a method as self-improvement ideally repeat an affirmation every day for at least a month.

It is like an exercise for your brain, to promote positive thoughts. They also help to focus on and manifest change in our lives and push aside negative thoughts of… I can’t.

Repeat your chosen affirmation every day with conviction and belief. Here are some examples which you can modify…

Today I have lots of energy, and feel positive.
I forgive those that have harmed me, and peacefully detach from them.
I can, I will.
I am the creator of my own life, therefore I will choose its contents, and build on good foundations.
I love and like myself.
I forgive myself for mistakes I have made and will grow and learn from them.
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