Journaling and Mindfulness

By May 13, 2018July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Generally we are becoming more aware of being mindful, in an aim to keep ourselves focused and positive. As part of this keeping a journal can also help us to reflect on how we are feeling, and can reveal unhelpful behaviours and assumptions that we could be making.

By Journaling we can see patterns that may occur and help us to be more compassionate towards ourselves. Looking back at what we have written at a later date. Can also help us to look at a situation, more calmly and therefore make better decisions.

In situations where you feel angry or sad because of someone else write a letter expressing how you feel. The letter does not need to be delivered, but allows to unburden yourself. Burning the letter or tearing it up can be a way of letting go and moving forward.

How to start……

Keep a note pad or book just for your journal. Try and write every day for 15 minutes without interruption. The grammar and spelling does not need to be accurate. As the main aim is to write about how you feel and why.

You could write about an encounter with somebody that day, how it made you feel and why. Write about a problem that you have, and how it makes you feel. Think about something that makes you happy, and what that means to you.

It is important to also include positivity in your journal. Write

about goals that you may have and what first steps you can take to achieve them. List things that make you happy or things in your life that you are grateful for.

When writing your journal, make sure you use words that explain how you really feel. This is a good way to vent and let go of built up emotions. You can then use your journal to reflect on how you dealt with a situation. Consider if the present is being affected by past experiences that are no longer relevant. If you find that you are negative about yourself stop and think of something positive. We can all be kinder to ourselves and others if we try.