14 Days of Gratitude

By January 12, 2018July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

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A little pick me up…

It is always worth stopping and evaluating the little things. That way we can mentally file all our positive memories and feelings. Accessing them, when we need to feel uplifted.

When we are feeling a little down or pressured. It can be difficult to find the help we need to limit feeling this way. This is when thinking about the things we are grateful for can give us a mental boost. If we aim to be grateful for one thing every day, it can help to reinforce positive thinking.

Begin by writing a list for the next week, two weeks or even a month, of things that you are grateful for.

Keep the list in a journal or even email it to yourself so it is on hand.

Then each day stop and answer the question, really imagine how good the feeling of focusing on a positive is. Write your answer next to the question, this enables you to refer back or even change your answer -as you experience new things.

On days that you are feeling down or need motivation look at the list for inspiration. Reminding ourselves that positive things do happen and that we have things to be grateful for.

An example to get you started…

  1. Who in your life are you grateful for
  2. What song do you love
  3. Which childhood book brings back happy memories
  4. Listen which sound brings you peace
  5. Which holiday takes you to a happy place
  6. What is your best quality
  7. Think of one thing to be grateful for today
  8. What in your home are you grateful for today
  9. Which gadget helps you daily
  10. What skill do you have which you are grateful for
  11. What food are you most grateful for
  12. Which sense are you most grateful for today
  13. Which life lesson are you most grateful for
  14. Which smells makes you grateful

Happy writing….you could even try and get others involved by posting on social media what you are grateful for each day.

Inspiring others to join you!