Ribbon Reading

By May 21, 2015July 11th, 2023Divination

st_patricks_day_rainbow_door_decoration_01Those of you that I have had the pleasure to read for will know that I work with ribbons and my ribbon reading is my passion.

For me ribbons are unlike any other divination tool, and not for the faint hearted!

However if you are a free spirit and are prepared to trust…

your inner knowing, your guides and helpers, then you will find you and your ribbons will work well together.

Ribbons are a very old Celtic way of connecting with people and along with flowers are some of the few tools you are allowed to use to give readings when working in spiritual churches.

We under estimate the use of ribbons in our daily lives ,

We start lives with ribbons adorning our baby’s bonnet and bootees

We use them to decorate Birthday gifts and in our wedding festivities,

bouquets, Maypoles and Christmas presents and we even use them to decorate our Christmas trees!

Throughout history we have used ribbons for special times,

Letters from lovers especially in war situations were tied with blue ribbons

this was to keep them safe as a sign of their sacred and sentimental worth,

And now our awareness of ribbons goes so far as to be used to make a statement or send a message –

To offer support to raise money:

Pink for breast cancer;

Red for AIDS awareness;

Yellow ribbons tied around trees signifying hope for the safe return of missing loved ones the list is endless….

So you see Ribbons play a great part in our lives than we realize so what could be better than a ribbon reading?

If you are interested in participating in a Ribbon reading workshop please message for details

Blessings Lynn xx