Divination Tools

By December 20, 2016July 11th, 2023Divination

divination1Divination is the practice of gaining knowledge of the future or the unknown. There are a variety of divination methods that you can choose to use. Here are some examples.

Tarot Cards – offer guidance in relation to particular problems by interpreting the meaning of a card and its position within the spread/ card layout used.

The Celtic Ogham – Staves with letters of the Ogham alphabet/symbols are used to answer questions and give guidance. The staves will be carved from various types of wood which will be relevant to the overall meaning.

Psychometry – This is the ability to gain knowledge by touching or holding an object. This can be in regards to the owner, where the object has been and its overall history. To be able to carry out psychometry, it is better if the object holds sentimental value or has a strong history.

The person carrying out the psychometry can receive the information in different ways – emotions, tastes, sounds or via pictures.

Ribbons – Various coloured ribbons are chosen – usually 6 in total. These can then be used for guidance to questions a person may have. A reader will be aided by the colours selected and the energy from the person who has chosen the ribbons.

Scrying – This is the practice of looking into a reflective surface and observing the images and thoughts that you receive. This can be done in many ways using water, mirrors, oil, crystal balls etc.

Pendulums – The main purpose of a pendulum is to establish a yes or no answer to your question. This will be indicated by movement in a specific direction to yes and a specific movement to no. This will be established by the user on the pendulums initial use.