By December 20, 2016July 11th, 2023Divination

pendulum-swingThe Pendulum is a useful tool in divination. The main purpose is to answer a Yes or No question. However with appropriate questioning, more in depth answers can be gained. Any small weighted objected on a chain or thin ribbon can be used. There are many different types available but you can also use a necklace, with a charm attached that you already have.

Always cleanse your pendulum before use – this ensures that only your energy is present within the pendulum. Charge overnight in the moon light and then store away when it is not in use – unless you chose to wear it. This maintains your energy within it.

It is important that you ensure nobody else uses your pendulum, this is so that it maintains your energy.

How to use your Pendulum.

To use your pendulum sit in a quiet setting without distraction. Ideally meditate this will help relax and focus your mind. Next you need to calibrate your pendulum, so that you can interpret its responses. You can do this by first asking questions, which you know have a Yes and No answer to them.

Hold the chain lightly between you fore finger and thumb, resting your elbow on a flat surface and ask e.g. ‘is my name…?’ (Use your correct name) now observe any movement of the pendulum this will be your Yes. Double check with the same question to verify the response, finally ask another Yes question that you know the answer to e.g. am I female/male? Repeat the process for a No response and recheck. Using a pendulum can take practice and patience. Do not rush the process as establishing a good connection, early on, will lead to clearer responses as you develop its use. If movement is unclear then rephrasing your question may help.

Always consider your question carefully. If the question has complex aspects a more appropriate divination tool may be needed.

Developing your use of the pendulum.

To find lost items – by asking the right questions a pendulum can be helpful. For example – is my back door key in the house? If yes then go from room to room asking, if it is there etc. You can then ask more specific questions once you have established the room or location.

Lay lines – Pendulums can pick up on the energy from lay lines. Indicating such places by moving quickly. These locations are often good places to carry out rituals due to the positive energy.

Tarot cards – This can help you to answer questions that are more complex with your pendulum. Use the Major Arcana cards, laying them out in a line. Hover your pendulum above the cards. Ask your question. The pendulum will pull in the direction of the relevant card. Once you are over the indicated card ask ‘is this the card I need?’ wait for a Yes or No response.

Pendulum Charts – These can help to broaden, the information you can gain from your pendulum. There are various charts, which can be used in a similar way as the Tarot Cards.