By March 6, 2014July 11th, 2023Divination

It is said that one can light a thousand and this is so true.

They light our way and offer us comfort and warmth in more ways than just the physical and they bring us comfort and hope.

Whatever the religion, from the grandest of cathedrals to the smallest of spiritual gatherings candles are burned and used on alters. For a candle represents all 5 elements:

The hard wax – EARTH

The flame – FIRE

The smoke – AIR

The molten wax – WATER

The light – SPIRIT

Candles are a delight to work with. For instance, should you have a problem with meditation then there is no better way than to use a candle as your first port of call. By taking the utmost care in safety, in terms of position, secure holder, matches etc., use the candle as a focal point by placing it on the table or floor in front of you, ensuring that you are using an even surface, and fix your gaze on the flame as you enter your meditative state. You can work with your spirit guides and ask questions that can be answered through your candle.

Many years ago when I was working in this way, I had a fabulous experience whereby I had three candles on the table in front of me and one by one their flames grew higher and lower as I sought yes and no answers from them. As I asked for confirmation, the most beautiful thing happened; in turn each flame raised itself about 6 inches high and then left the candle, the flame floating in mid-air before disappearing……123 and gone ….amazing!!!

Candles are also a tremendous help when scrying. When people think about scrying they always imagine someone using a crystal ball but another way to scry is to stand before a mirror or a window pane at night. Place your tea-light or candle on your windowsill when it is dark. Look out into the darkness past your own reflection in the window pane.

I have had beautiful experiences where I have seen my guides standing behind me, I have seen my own face transfigure and change and while doing so have opened up into a fabulous world where spirit was easily seen.

As a reader, I light my candles before I work, always with intent, asking for the highest and the best of spiritual connection, help and support. I always work in a circle of light with my candles placed around the room offering me light, and protection.

When lighting your candles or tea-lights, always remember to light them with intent, with reverence, with hope, with a prayer, a wish, a cosmic order, for these will be taken straight to spirit. If you are blessed enough not to require any of the above then send up intent for someone that does or for our beautiful mother earth for she will always needs our prayers. There are many ways to work with candles and with this in mind work with what are recognised as the magical colours and their significance:

WHITE represents purity, innocence, protection and for attuning with the Goddess to meditate, for protection and increased spiritual awareness.

GREEN represents stability, finances, fertility, good fortune, or money.

LIGHT BLUE represents tranquillity, calm, health, patience and understanding.

DARK BLUE represents wisdom, knowledge, psychic dreaming and help with insomnia.

YELLOW represents communication, psychic abilities and attraction.

PINK represents honour, success, morality, affection, unconditional love and prosperity.

PURPLE represents physical fitness, business success, power and ambition.

ORANGE represents creativity, adaptability and imagination.

BROWN represents grounding, neutrality, and help with uncertainty or decision making.

RED represents all aspects of love.

BLACK dispels negative energy and confusion.