Be as Open as the Ocean – Aquamarine

By March 14, 2017July 27th, 2023Alternative Healing

This is a beautiful clear to opaque crystal. Green – blue in colouration and is associated with the throat chakra.
It was used as a talisman by sailors to bring good luck when out at sea. They believed it protected against dark spirits and drowning on their journeys.

Aquamarine is thought to aid communication, it helps to clear the mind enabling you to clarify situations and express yourself. With good communication, many difficult situations can be improved upon with a more balanced outcome for all.
This crystal is suited to people who are sensitive and can also promote tolerance and understanding. It can give support to those feeling overwhelmed helping them to see clearly old unhelpful habits.

As the Aquamarine is a cooling stone it can aid inflammatory diseases and allergies. It can also be used for tired eyes and throat problems.

In meditation this crystal can promote calmness and openness. It can also promote a high state of consciousness and spiritual awareness.