Are you a SMART planner?

By August 10, 2017July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Many of us can constantly procrastinate, resulting in a lot of over thinking however with limited results.

Sometimes it can be helpful to think about the goals you wish to achieve and have an action plan in place which is realistic and positive. Taking the time to sit down and really think about your options and intentions. Can help you to focus on the path you need to take and the foundations which you need to lay.

Initially start by choosing something relatively simple or generic that you want to achieve. Don’t put pressure on yourself as this is only an initial practice run. A way of honing your skills at realistic planning, to help you to gain focus and direction.

Begin by writing down the following aims and revisiting these weekly and noting any progress made or modifications that need to be made to your plan.

Now think SMART…

Specific – Think about your goal and consider… When do you want to do this? What is the main goal? Will you need any help or support from others? Do you need to do research first?

Measurement – When will I know that I have achieved my goal? Think about if the success can be measured for example how often, how many, how much? What changes may you see or feel?

Achievement – Think about how you will achieve your goal…Is the goal possible or an ‘I wish ‘ Do you need to break the goal down into achievable steps for example….. Goal of running 10k could be broken down into smaller goals of – walking 2k then jogging 2k with walking in between etc.

Relevance – Why is this goal important to you? Is your plan realistic? Are you giving yourself enough time to do it? Is it something you really want to do?

Timely – What is your timescale? What is your finish point? Is this a step towards a bigger goal?

Once you have a plan in place read it through and reflect on how confident you are that you will achieve it.

Revisit the plan if you feel aspects are not realistic. Always remember, that if things do change or become unachievable… you have not failed.

Pause, take a breath, re-evaluate and move forward.