A Moment to Focus…

By November 22, 2017July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

Recently I have noticed that everybody, including myself seems to be constantly rushing around. This made me reflect on whether we are taking time out, to refocus and relax. Enabling ourselves just to hit the pause button and take a breath. If like me you have been neglecting to do this recently, here is a helpful breathing technique that may help you…

Breathing Technique….

A simple breathing technique to be practised each day for ten minutes.

Find a comfortable position this can be lying down or sitting, with your eyes open or closed. Relax your shoulders and mouth.

Concentrate on your breathing, focus on the rise and fall of your chest – in and out. Imagine the warm glow of the sun on your face, feel its rays gently travelling down your body as you begin to relax.

During this time your mind may wonder, each time bring your focus back to relaxing your shoulders and mouth and focus on your gentle breathing – in and out. Again begin to picture in your mind, the gentle glow and warmth of the sun on you.

Every time your mind wonders bring your focus back to the sun you are picturing in your mind and your breathing. This may initially happen repeatedly, just refocus each time on your breathing.

As you become more accustom to this exercise you will then be able to refocus your mind during the day and night. After a week evaluate how you are feeling and increase the time to 15 minutes each day.


This will depend greatly on the individual and their own physically needs. Initially I would recommend sitting in a supported chair, relaxing you neck, shoulders with arms resting in your lap – hands apart. Your feet should be grounded flat on the floor – remove shoes. Ensure that you are warm and comfortable before starting.

I hope you are able to benefit from this simple technique.

If you would like to find out more about meditation please contact me in regards to booking on to a class or session.