The Power of Amethyst

By February 27, 2017July 12th, 2023Alternative Healing

This common crystal is a lovely purple to lavender colour and is thought to have many benefits.

It is often used in meditations due to its high spiritual vibration. Enhancing the users intuition and spiritual awareness and can aid against psychic attack.

It has also been called the Sobriety Stone assisting in reducing addictions like alcohol blocking compulsive behaviours.

The Amethyst also has calming and healing qualities easing over active minds and promoting sleep. Giving balance to emotions.

Positioning of the amethyst can be dependent on what you wish to achieve…….. For example in cases of Insomnia – place under your pillow or use appropriately as jewellery to promote calmness. Place in the corners of your home to protect form negative energy and maintain your own.

Amethyst also has physical healing properties tuning into the endocrine system, acting as a cleanser. It can also be used for physical and emotional pain and stress relief.