Reiki Healing

By April 3, 2015July 12th, 2023Alternative Healing

Reiki is a gentle but powerful, hand’s on treatment, using universal energy for the treatment of the practitioner and others. It is one of the most ancient, purest and simplest forms of healing in use today to restore balance and harmony to the body. Complementing other therapies, it is relaxing to mind body and spirit.

It is difficult to explain how Reiki actually works, and is more a case of experiencing it to feel the benefits.

Reiki is non invasive (not massage), so there is no need for disrobing. Reiki helps to relax the body, balance the emotions and clear the mind, reducing stress, increasing vitality and nurturing well being. It creates greater self awareness and promotes personal growth.

A treatment helps to release blocked channels and systems within, helping the body to heal itself. Reiki enhances all other forms of healing, medicine, alternative therapies or natural remedies, helping the body to cleanse itself of toxins and other metabolic waste.

Note: Reiki does not replace medical treatments

Reiki-The Philosophy

Reiki, in common with many other Eastern based philosophies or medicine, considers the human body as an energy form. It is believed that all things living have an unseen energy which flows through them. Dis-ease is seen as blockages to this flow of energy through the body, and healing to be the removal of such blockages and the re-balancing of energy within the form. Reiki is a Japanese word, Rei meaning “Universal” and Ki meaning “Life-Force Energy”. The teaching is that this energy or vibration abounds in the Universe.

Practitioners of Reiki learn to tune into this universal energy and to channel it to the recipient. This energy is an intelligent energy but merely acts as a facilitator for the process. All that is required is that the recipient be open to the energy in order to receive the benefit, but does not require any faith or particular beliefs for the process to have effect. Dis-ease is seen to manifest itself at the energy level before the physical level and thus regular treatments can prevent illness from occurring. If you suffer from a chronic stress related illness, you can expect to get fewer flare-up’s if you receive regular therapy from a qualified Reiki Practitioner.

Okay so what does Reiki feel like?

The hands are placed onto different areas of the body during the treatment. The most common sensation felt is soothing warmth, and leaves the recipient feeling completely relaxed, all tension reduced.

Who will benefit?

We can all benefit from a regular session for relaxation purposes, but it is particularly beneficial to people suffering from stress as it balances the emotions, and for those who suffer from chronic pain, a regular treatment will help to reduce flare up’s and ease attacks.

Reiki does not:

Replace medical treatment.
Have connections with any particular religion, cult or special belief systems

Healing takes many forms and I truly believe that a reading either with Ribbons, Cards or Clairvoyance should also be a form of healing and empowering. Counselling can be one of the most efficient ways that we can offer healing as well as hands on spiritual.

When we all join to send our healing thoughts and energy from a place of love it can only ever do good, not always healing but bringing peace and acceptance to those in need.