Mindfulness – Day 6

By May 28, 2017July 11th, 2023Mindfulness

We are reaching the end of the week and now it is time to get active!

Regardless of the weather today we will go on a mindful walk/journey. If you have mobility difficulties this can be done in the garden while seated.

Many of us will go about our daily routines set on auto pilot. We will only take in relevant information and often ignore the majority of the world around us. This can lead to us being wrapped up in unwanted thoughts and missing out on interesting, stimulating and fun things going on around us.

Before you begin your walk/mindful journey, begin to relax your shoulders and take 3 -5 mindful breaths. During the walk start to take in your surrounds in detail and focus on what you can hear, see, smell and touch. If your mind begins to drift gentle refocus to the present. As you walk listen to the sounds around you, look at the sky…..not glance at the sky….really take a good look. Look at the plants or trees that may be around….then focus in at the leaves, the colours, what can you smell? What patterns can you see? Are there details that you are seeing for the first time? The simplest things in nature can be so beautiful, yet many of us never take the time to really look, listen, smell or touch. During this time we can explore how we are feeling and become more in tune with ourselves.

Take a moment every day. Look for something that is beautiful to you, then smile and think about how you are feeling. By doing this you will help bring yourself into a positive present.