Working With Angels of Love

By February 12, 2015July 11th, 2023Working with Angels

There are Angels that are dedicated to the area of love & relationships, and although names do not matter to the Angels, you might want to connect with them and ask them help you in your relationships. Some people think that they will call on the wrong Angel, but all Angels are there to be called on for help… however as with all things there are those who like to specialise so here are some that may help specifically when needing help with romantic love and relationships.

Is best called upon a week after a full moon or on Mondays.
He helps heal difficulties in relationships, if we connect with him he will help us to dampen down arguments and bring peace between us while we take a breath and rethink what the argument is about, he will bring deeper love into our intimacy.

The angel Ariel is Silvery in his appearance to work with him use blue candles to draw him close when talking to him about your relationship issue and wear a blue gemstone when working with him , burn incenCe that is citrus flavoured and know that he will help and assist you, be mindful of the subtle energy changes that he will bring around you and your partner and thank him.

Is best called upon on a waxing moon and a Monday night.
He is also Silver in his appearance and when you call on him to work with you light a silver candle and use Lemon fragrances. He will help to bring new love into your life! he will also help remove obstacles that could get in the way of the new love, he helps to strengthen friendships and heal.He brings no judgement with him for you or a situation when a relationship needs to be secret , just ask him to help you make the right decision.

Is best called upon Full moon and a Monday. Atliel will help revive passion into your relationship and is also there to help with fertility or add to their family adopt or help to give birth ask Atliel for help ,comfort and support , he appears in a goldand silver light and ,when asking for his help light a red candle for passionate love and silver to help with fertility , use fragrances of roses and flowers to bring him close , when he is near you will feel content and at peace relaxed in the knowledge that he will gently take care of everything for you

Mihael is best called upon on a Thursday.
He brings lasting love and also is known to help you find your partner that is with you for life.He will help you love yourself so that you feel worthy of love and learn to expect it and know that you deserve it!
He is strong and powerful and show himself in a deep green light and will work with you for your greater good when you ask him for help light a green or blue candle wear emeralds or lapis -lazuli to help connect with his energy write your wants and need in a letter to him carry it with you for a day then burn it and send the ash into the wind.

Is best called upon on a Friday (Freya`s day ) but can be invited to work with any day for he is the Angel of romance, ask him to work with you if you are single and ready and looking for love. He will help you to walk into the right place at the right time to meet someone special romantically! He helps with new relationships and calms the nervous excitement Light a gold or pink candle to welcome him into your energy and link with you.

Is best called to help on a full Moon. He helps to bring commitment into a situation , relationship it is said that he attends all weddings ! and he shows truth in situations when you need him to work with you light a white candle and carry moonstone to feel him near.

Is best asked to assist you on a waning /Dark moon.
He will help you to let go and move on from a relationship/lover who does not serve you well , he helps to let go of negative and destructive partners and helps you step into your power away from controlling , abusive situations to step away and keep walking!
When you need to work with him light a dark purple candle and ask him to light your way so that you do not look back , he will help clear your thoughts and look forwards not back.

And last but not least……………….

Is best called on a Saturday. She is here to comfort and heal when we lose love either through seperation or death she will bring strength and the ability to carry on. She brings the ability to learn to trust again and heal the past. When asking her to work with you light rainbow candles or multiple candles of rainbow colours and use rainbow moonstone or Fluorite to allow her to come close.

When you have worked with your angel of choice thank them and send them LOVE!


Brightest of Blessings
Lynn x