Stepping Stones

By January 11, 2017July 12th, 2023Beneath the Willow Tree

To help us negotiate life’s path and lead the life that we want to. We can consider taking the following steps to help us stay focused and on track.

One of the most difficult things for people, is initially working out what it is they want. What are their goals, dreams and ambitions……sometimes with everything that is going on around them, things can just feel overwhelming and too huge to tackle. This can render us feeling helpless and unable to move forward.
Sometimes focusing on what we don’t want can be a little easier. From this we can then work out what elements in our lives, we want to change.

However this may mean that we have to accept certain aspects and let go, so that we can move forward.

How to begin…..

Once you have your goal in your mind the next step is to stay focused. Picture the end goal or the half way point, plan the steps that you need to take, in order to get the momentum started.
Now do your best, don’t compare yourself to others. Aim to do your best each day, this will vary depending on the circumstances from day to day. However if you can honestly say… “Yes today I did the best I could.” Then you are moving positively down your path.

Keep a journal or mood board as this will help to visualise your overall plans and goals. Maintaining your motivation is key. As there will be times when obstacles will arise and move you off course. Do not get disheartened just view them as a detour and refocus.

Stay positive, if you act in this way remember like attracts like. Remind yourself from time to time why these steps are important. Remind yourself why you started on this path originally. You may after a time decide you need to take a different route or your wishes may change…that’s fine just keep moving forward and plan the steps you need to take to along the way.

Stepping Stones

As you start your journey and begin to cross the dale
Be like the wise owl and master every trail
The path might be rough and the going may be tough
Keep on crossing the stones until you`ve had enough

The road can be very long and you may begin to think
Some stones are not so steady and others may begin to sink
So hang on in there and stay right on your course
A strong will for survival is your only source

Accept failure as your lesson and continue down the road
The further you decide to travel the lighter will be the load
Success will soon appear as you come to the end of the line
Then you will look to the future and say victory is all mine

By Patricia Grantham