A Snowy Day….

By December 11, 2017July 12th, 2023Beneath the Willow Tree

Opening the curtains today, I was greeted by a beautiful snowy day the fields and garden looked so peaceful and quiet. It reminded me of the scenes on Christmas cards and films it was idyllic.

I do however, appreciate that this is was not the case for all. Those people trying to get to work or school and those sadly that do not have a warm place to live. The snow in fact has brought many people stress and inconvenience, but it has also brought pleasure for many with children building snowmen and being outside having fun!

It reminded me to be grateful for my snowy day….but also to think of others.

Remembering that if my deliveries are late today, to smile at the stressed driver and say thank you not complain, they probably have had a worse day than me.

To be grateful for a warm home, helping others who may not have that blessing.

Each snow flake is different….like each person’s experience on a snowy day.

So enjoy the parts you can and give thanks.