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The Corn King gives his life for the land…

The Corn King gives his life for the land, We toast his sacrifice with Ale in our hand, And eat the bread from the harvest made, As sheaves of corn to the earth are laid. Transformation surrounds us, The harvest turned to food and drink, Now is the time to learn and think, Of what we […]

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Lammas Poem by Robert Burns

When corn rigs are bonie, Beneath the moon’s unclouded light, I held away to Annie: The time flew by, wi tentless heed, Till ‘tween the late and early; Wi’ sma’ persuasion she agreed To see me thro’ the barley. The sky was blue, the wind was still, The moon was shining clearly; I set her […]

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The Eight Sabbats

The old religion, Wicca divides the year into eight main sabbats. Four of these are linked to the two equinoxes and the two solstices. The other four fall at dates in between these points. The next Sabbat is Lammas, August 1st. This is the first of the Harvest festivals, the early crops are being brought […]

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My thoughts on Wicca

I have always thought that the Wiccan life was essentially private and very individual and I’ve been so surprised at the support and enthusiasm that I have received at the Introduction to Wicca workshops and the advanced classes that we are running. Bright Blessings and Thanks to all of you. Everyone who took the course […]

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The simple way to spell casting

The art of spell casting, sounds amazing, mysterious, and sometimes scary however it is my quest in life to take away fear. Magic is natural and always has been, but unfortunately as with most things cloaks are drawn around it so that it is thought to be only for the chosen few or those that […]

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