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By June 16, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


I have always thought that the Wiccan life was essentially private and very individual and I’ve been so surprised at the support and enthusiasm that I have received at the Introduction to Wicca workshops and the advanced classes that we are running. Bright Blessings and Thanks to all of you.

Everyone who took the course had truly embraced the Wiccan Way of life. You have listened, laughed and shared. You have shared your fears. You have found a way of life surrounded by love and light and like minded people. With whom you have blended and in the true sense of the path you are walking, you have shared your spells, energy and most of all your love xx

So by including my knowledge and thoughts in this section of the website, I hope to extend this love and knowledge for it is the heart and sacred space of Twisted Willow.

Walking A Wiccan Path

The Wiccan path is a beautiful path of love, peace and healing. It is a loving, gentle way of living that is practiced with joy and balance. There have been many people who have taken to walking a spiritual path. Their lives had been enriched by their connections with indigenous tribes and guides from the Native American tribes, Egypt or Tibet. What many have overlooked is that we, the Wicca are the indigenous tribe of these the sacred British Isles.

Wicca is the old religion of witchcraft and yet before you all run for the door let me explain…..

Many of us have a pre-conceived idea of a witch. A broom flying, long haired, wart wearing hag, it is even used as a derogatory term to describe a woman – an unpleasant and ugly woman. They are portrayed as women and yet the word witch refers to both genders. They are thought to be evil, satanists and cause harm and yet,nothing can be further from the truth of the Wiccan Path.
Witchcraft is a loving peaceful healing way of life. We cast our spells and work with nature in such a way that we adhere to the Wiccan Rede of which the last 8 words are the most significant

do what ye will, and harm ye none.

We live by the rule of three, that is whatever you do comes back threefold.

Ever mind the rule of three; what thou sends out comes back to thee.

The essence of the rule is that whatever we do in our daily lives, magical practice will come back three times as powerful (threefold), and therefore it is our way to constantly send out love and healing, be cheery in heart and mind, be kind and mindful of our actions. In other religious practices this is known as Karma.
In the past, the witch was the anchor of her village:

  • she would help with the births,
  • she would give healing and medicine to the sick,
  • she would practice divination for those who needed answers.

Moon Phases

The moon has a powerful draw on the earth and produces the ocean tides. Given that the human body is about 80 per cent water, we too are likely to be affected by its phases. The full moon and its impact on individuals has often been the topic of debate by lay people and scientists, and whilst no conclusive proof has been found yet, some emergency service operators are known to increase their staff resources for the night shift of a full moon. Old practices of planting during the moon cycles and other practices are once again becoming popular, and is referred to as Bio-dynamics and have been adopted by the likes of Prince Charles.
The moon is the Goddess of the Wiccan Path, and is therefore honored. She is represented by the Moon and its different phases over the month. This is why the use of the moon phases is so important to us and our work. The Goddess has three aspects which correspond to the three phases of the moon and also that of a woman:

  • The new and waxing moon is the maiden, young and fresh and full of new beginnings, eager for life and adventure.
  • The full moon represents the mother, bountiful, nurturing, providing abundance, fulfillment and balance.
  • The waning moon represents the crone, or wise woman. This is my favorite phase because she brings wisdom, secrets, protection and sometimes destruction.

Use these phases to invoke what you want in your life because the Wiccan Way is all about empowerment: empowerment of you and within you. You have the power to change your life. How I hear you ask? Well by realizing that you are a powerful being and you can create your own life. Once you realize this fact, doors will open for you. Doors you hadn’t even realized were there.
There are ways to evoke this and bring empowerment into your life. Every morning for 30 days, stand in front of the mirror and make this positive statement to yourself and the Universe:


By repeating this affirmation every day you will soon step into your personal power and by doing this you can manifest anything you want and bring it into your life.
You can call them wishes, spells, prayers, affirmations, cosmic orders whatever we want but by empowering ourselves we can work magic and such is the way of the Wicca.