The Eight Sabbats

By July 29, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


The old religion, Wicca divides the year into eight main sabbats. Four of these are linked to the two equinoxes and the two solstices. The other four fall at dates in between these points.

The next Sabbat is Lammas, August 1st.

This is the first of the Harvest festivals, the early crops are being brought in for winter and abundance surrounds us.

The corn is in the fields and this festival is about giving thanks and sharing, forming bonds and a closeness with friends and relatives.

It is a time of thankfulness for the creation of a full harvest by the God and Goddess for the winter that lies ahead.

Corn dolls are placed on alters and thanks are given, the house is decorated with poppies and hung from doors and beams. Harvest suppers are eaten outside, BBQ`S and picnics if possible and pools or wells are decorated with flowers.

Bread is the primary food eaten, cider is a traditional drink for this festival or apple juice as the golden liquid honors the gods.

And as we celebrate our abundance in this modern day, these things are more than harvested food…..

We give thanks for the Love, health and people we care for.