Beneath the Willow Tree

By June 20, 2014July 12th, 2023Beneath the Willow Tree

You will know when you are to start your journey on the spiritual path and all that this includes,

For when this journey starts and the pathway opens up in front of you, it will be your journey alone to make,

and your pathway that will open in front of you

Do not look from side to side to see who is travelling with you, or worry about your loved ones… the ones who you wish to take with you,

for they have their own journey and path to follow.

Do not compare yourselves with others, for everyone travels at a different speed, this is also for a reason.

Your journey home is exactly that, the lessons to be learned are yours,

for your progression,

for your soul,

for your spirit

No-one else must travel your path, not to aid nor to hinder.

Only you can give of yourself for yourself and only you will know when you have done your best and given your all in total truth and love.

Although the path may be hard to travel as indeed at times it will be,

be proud and secure in the knowledge that you are the one that has journeyed and overcome all that is difficult to bare,

when at last you reach the light and sit to rest, look back down your path, sit comfortably and content as you look around and see your loved ones,

who although have traveled their own paths have reached the same destination as yourself ….

Just in their own way and in their own time.

Blessings xxx