Why Twisted-Willows?

By June 10, 2014July 12th, 2023Beneath the Willow Tree

Well my magical name is Willow and when my son Matt was young (bless him) he called me Willow the wood witch (always was a comedian), but as with all things sons grow and so does their wit! And on one of his trips to home from the Marines, I was re-named Twisted Willow and at the same time in a twist of fate I bought a tree of the same name.

So Twisted Willow was born and like the tree, she had faced many twists and turns and as she grew, roots have been re-potted and struggled for a while to reconnect with their new soil, but as I sit and look at her in all her Autumn glory, with her leaves slightly curled against the chill of the morning (neither of us like the cold) I realized that the twists and turns have been needed to allow us to grow and the beauty of her twisted branches is the result.

So there is how Twisted Willow was born, as with most things I do, it started with a smile and a chuckle , but developed into so much more and each day. I thank the Universe, I honour The Goddess and the God and thank them for my blessings xx