Working with elements -Earth

By October 20, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


Earth = Stability … physical activity

The Earth element is connected to all physical things and gives us security and stability.

As the earth continuously turns every 24 hours without failing so the element can be trusted.
It will not fail us, it will methodically support us and the work we do, it is dependable, solid, efficient and capable.

It will absorb the other elements Air, Water and Fire bringing a calmness to them, she will take the other elements and nurture them, whether it be the heat of the sun and fire energy that creates dust as in the desert.

The Air in the wind and clouds.
The water that is captured in the marshlands.

We call the Earth our mother , she provides us with all we need and such is the energy for any Earth spells we work.

Use the Earth energy to nurture yourself to bring stability to your finances to your health, work and home.
The correspondences to the element of Earth are.
The dark moon that special time between the wane and the new moon, when the first silver horns show in the sky.

The Winter and Midnight Use the colour Black, Brown and Green when working with Earth energy.

Use Earth energy for manifesting abundance, plant your seeds and they will flourish, use this energy to make things blossom and grow in your life!

To use the Earth energy to get rid of bad habits carve the habit into an apple and then bury in mother Earth at Midnight on a waning moon, as the apple decays and goes back to mother Earth so will your habit decrease and cease.

Walk bare foot on the Earth to feel the energy of her, treat her with respect and love.

Blessings Lynn xx