Welcoming the Dark moon phase

By May 18, 2015July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


As we come to the end of the Waning moon once again we enter the shortest moon phase that of the dark moon.

In the ancient times when the moon was revered as the Goddess the dark phase was welcomed as the Dark Goddess. Mysterious, wise sometimes harsh but compassionate with it …..

The Dark moon Goddess was loved and honoured, she was accepted for her teachings and wisdom which came from experience as all crones (wise women) have, grounded in their strength.

The crone dispenses love and justice and knows that laws must be upheld, both spiritually and socially it may bring her sorrow if the verdicts are harsh but she always looks to balance the scales
If you can understand the Crone you can understand the mysteries, she is the teacher who looks backwards and forwards through time.

She is the power behind the Mother she holds the light in the darkness … she opens our eyes,
and yet over the centuries her role was changed and turned into fear the death bearing crone, the destroyer the spiteful one ……………………….

As has the dark moon, DARK does not mean evil or horrid, everything comes to an end even moon phases …………………..and then the cycle starts again – rebirth, renew ………………..

So please do not look to the dark moon as bad, just the end of a cycle so that the NEW can start. Use this time to …………. reflect, to learn from the past, then look forward to the new that you
wish to create, use it wisely and when the new moon does show the 1st silver horns be excited,
rejoice in what you have left behind and now creating.

Bright Blessings Lynn x