Walter’s Retreat Diary

By June 25, 2014July 11th, 2023What's Cooking in the Cauldron

First I’ll tell you who’s who. I am a black, male, Toy Poodle called Walter (that’s me to the left yes I know very handsome!!). I am the owner of my People, her pedigree name is Jo, but I call her Mommy. I’ve been her owner since I was 9 weeks old. I’m now 8 months old. Her training is coming along but she’s a bit stubborn.

Now here’s the thing. On Friday 28th we made several stops. I traveled in my special place at the back of the car. Mommy had some food and then I sat on the front seat, YES! I made it to the front seat, and she gave me some chicken! She said it was allowed because we were on holiday.

YES! I like holidays…

We finally arrived; the house was very big with a lovely big garden, plenty of new smells and lots for me to explore. When we went inside, I saw lots of people.

And what a bonus, they had already been trained to leave the lovely chocolate biscuits on the plates on the floor! Mommy didn’t mind her own business, and she stopped me from helping myself … Never mind, I guess there would be lots of opportunities… Ha! I just knew I was going to have a ball here, with all these properly trained people. There was Chrissy, Caroline, Sian, Pete, Zoe, Jane and Lynn and they all loved me and I knew they would all make sure I had a fab time!!!!

We had cottage pie on Friday, chilli con carne on Saturday, Chrissy made it all lovely. . On Sunday we had chicken, Lynn made that all lovely as well. I looked at the people’s all hopeful like, and it worked! They gave me their food, another BONUS!! I scoffed it quick, just in case they wanted it back . . . Oh I love people’s food!! I love holidays!

I like Chrissy, she likes to go out and get the fresh air lots of times and takes me with her because I think she’s scared out there on her own, but she was fine, I guarded her. I even taught her to throw my ball for me.

On the next day, I had a razz around the garden. I heard a funny noise, Mommy said it was a Woodpecker, I liked it. Then we went into the sitting room, Mommy put my bed down and made me comfy, just like I’ve taught her. Then Lynn made some nice music and all the people’s went to sleep, so did I . . It was lovely. .

After that we all went to the beach. Now that’s more like it! They learn quickly these people. Mommy asked me to wear a stupid onesy because she thought I would get cold, I just humored her, but she was right, it was cold and I thought, never mind, no one knows me here anyway! We had a great time and I saw the ocean for the first time. After that, we all went back to the nice house and I played with all the people’s and taught them how to play with my toys. I think they all loved me.

Me and Pete went for nice walks, I showed him all of the best places to sniff and do a whizzer but he needs more training, he didn’t sniff or do a whizzer on the grass. I like Pete, he’s a man like me.

Back at the house all the peoples were talking and standing up and sitting down and they all had the happy face. Then they did some more music and sleeping, I like that, it’s a time for me to get a bit of peace. I like holidays…

On Sunday all the people looked at cards and did more talking and they had the happy face on. I like chewing card but no one gave me one. Mm . . They need to do more training on that one. We went to the beach again. There were more people on the sand that day. It was great, a bit warmer and I didn’t wear my onesy, BONUS! We came back and I razzed around the house, and all the peoples loved it. Then we all settled down and Lynn made the nice music and we all went to sleep ahh, it was lovely. All the peoples had the happy face.

Lynn made the dinner, lovely chicken. All the people were singing and laughing and dancing around. Mommy said I could dance but I didn’t want to do it, I was too shy… Caroline made everyone have the happy face she was talking and filming and all the peoples were laughing. . I need to find out what the Witches Cauldron is. . . .

Then as quick as I can say ‘woof’ it was Monday and all the peoples had to go back to their usual place . . .

I like holidays…..