The Oak – 10th June – 7th July – Tree Lore

By June 9, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

All species of Oak have been held sacred by various cultures, this applies in particular to the Druids. They believed that the Oak possessed infinite knowledge and wisdom.

The Druids also developed their own form of astrology. This incorporated the month you were born in. A specific tree`s characteristics would then related to that month.

Oak trees were also revered for their beauty and magnificent size. The wood, leaves and acorns are used in many rituals to aid in protection, prosperity and focus. They grow with an open canopy allowing light through to the floor below – enabling other plants to grow and flourish.

Oak – Inner Strength, Security, Endurance

If you were born under the Oak month you are thought to be independent and like to be in control of your own life. Often protective of others, with a love of being around family and friends.

Due to their ability to absorb knowledge, Oak signs often become mentors or teachers in some form and often play a part in the local community.