The Hazel – 5th August – 1st September – Tree Lore

By August 2, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

Trees are sacred to many cultures and have been used throughout time, for both magical and practical purposes. The Druids believed that certain trees would represent the characteristics of a person, in relation to when they were born.

Hazel – Wisdom, Accuracy

The Hazel has a reputation as being a magical tree. It was used for making wands and rods for water – diving. Hazel nuts would often be carried to protect against evil spirits and inflammatory illnesses like rheumatism.

It has many other uses, as its wood can be knotted and twisted it was used for thatching purposes, net stakes and furniture making.

If you were born under this Hazel month, then you are thought to be intelligent with a natural gift for academia and are well organised. You have a desire for knowledge and are able to remember facts and figures. You are often drawn to areas of maths and science due to this ability.

You like things to be organised and like rules to be in place – Not always following them.

Be aware of your need to have order and accuracy, as this can sometimes take over if left unchecked.