The Elementals – Undines

By March 2, 2015July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path


Undines the spirits of water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Undines inhabit the element of water and also anything that contains water … steam… clouds…
They ride the waves of the Oceans and shimmer on the surfaces of lakes and rivers.
They tumble and play in the water falls and rest with rock pools and wells.
They will show themselves as Mermaids or beautiful Nymphs.

Undines are friendly and love to be of service but take care when working with their energy as they are emotional beings!
Undines bring emotions to the surface, as we sink into a warm bath and feel the water gently cover us is how we feel love when envelopes us.

When we swim water supports us, when we are dry it quenches our thirst.
Water is purifying and life giving and powerful, healing and nurturing.
It regenerates and replenishes. It soothes our soul and our bodies.
It can swallow the Earth, put out fire and change the Airs density changing it to clouds!
When working with Undines we are working with the West.

Call on the Undines to help heal emotional situations for this element contains the essence of LOVE.
Call on the Undines to work with you for happiness, fertility and to aid psychic ability and exploring self, for purification in your life.

Use a bowl of water or sit by a still pool and use it as you would a scrying mirror look deep into the waters pictures and be conscious of the feelings this inspires within you as the Undines give you your answers. Feel their presence in a rainstorm, welcome the cleansing as the rain falls on your face, feel their strength as you watch the crash of a wave.