The Elementals – Salamanders

By February 25, 2015July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

salamander_by_razwit-d5siqo7Salamanders of Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Salamanders are the strongest and most powerful of the Elementals as they inhabit and control the element of fire. They have the ability (like a flame) to increase or diminish their size and strength as needed.

They can be as unruly as children and do not always understand the impact of their actions. So always be strong in control and sure of your intent when working with them.

On land we visualise them as Lizards / Fire dragons! But they can also materialize as small bright lights drifting through the air. The element of fire is active it can be creative and destructive.

Unlike the other elements it does not come naturally it does not exist in a natural state it has to consume other elements to form.

Fire transforms… it can guard us, protect us, keep us warm … but out of control it can damage and destroy.

It can represent and restore passion and courage, compassion and devotion. It can motivate us to forge ahead with our intent. It can be used when clearing, cleansing and healing so be mindful when using Fire energy.

When you wish to work and connect to the Salamander energy you will be working with the South. Work in the sunlight at noon. If possible feel the warmth of the Sun on your face as you link in and draw the fire energy to you. Or sit and stare into a fire … watch the flames dance and make pictures showing you what you need to know.

Meditate with a simple candle … focus on the flame and send your wants and needs to the Universe as you do so and the Salamanders will be there to assist .