The Ash 18th February – 17th March – Tree Lore

By February 14, 2018July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

Trees are sacred to many cultures and have been used throughout time, for both magical and practical purposes. Druids believed that each tree had its own characteristics. If you were born during a month that related to a particular tree you would also have these characteristics.

Ash – Spirituality, Strength, intuition and balance

In ancient times the Ash would be used for spears, tools etc. as it had a straight grain, was flexible yet stayed strong.

If you were born under this Ash month you are thought to be a freethinker who enjoys their own space. You are a good communicator and are intuitive. Nature will give you the most inspiration. You have a positive outlook and can inspire others. However be aware of spending too much time on your own, as this can make you appear withdrawn.