By February 20, 2015July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

Everyone goes to the Summerland and the Summerland will be different for everyone. It will be their own version of Heaven.

Once we arrive there, we can be reunited with our loved ones, reconnecting in love and harmony with those who have gone before us.

From the Summerland we take time to heal, rest and recuperate from the life we have just left.

From the Summerland we can watch over those still on the Earth plane that we love.

Our time in the Summerland is spent reviewing our lives…

Our glorious days and not so glorious days…

Our accomplishments our mistakes.

We are given time to work with our guides walk with angels and the Lord and Lady and be at one with them all, planning our next life.

I do not believe in Hell or punishment for the way we have lived this life, which may sound harsh as we do not want to think that murderers or evil people will reside where we are in the afterlife but I believe that once in the Summerland we look at our lives and judge ourselves. With loving guides and angels surrounding us, we view our book of life and review our lives and the actions we took … at certain points in our books we stop and are asked by our angels why we behaved in a certain way and I believe that this is the only time and place in the Summerland where we are judged … and that is by ourselves…

Those who have been evil or cruel are bereft at their behaviour because they are now the higher side of life and have to look at the pain and suffering that they have caused, and I believe that they spend a long time in the halls of healing where they are helped to heal.

Some people however, do believe that you may be punished for the harm you do, but personally I do not. I do not believe we can cause anyone as much pain as we can cause ourselves.

I was asked if Wiccan believe in Angels ……………. I DO!

When I look at religions around the world the connections between them all is LOVE and Angels.

Whether or not Wiccans believe in angels and demons depends upon the person.

Those who do believe that angels and spirit guides are spirits that have reached an enlightened existence after many lifetimes. They exist to guide, protect, and help people become the best that they can be.

The essence of the Summerland is that it is a resting place, where souls can reflect on their life and see what lessons they have learned.

To receive Healing and Love, reconnect with those that we love and plan… our next journey!