Summer Solstice Celebration

By June 19, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

The Summer Solstice – this year is on the 21st June 2017.

Originally a festival held to give thanks for the harvest, communities would hold feasts and honour the Sun and all of its power.

It was and still is a time to celebrate and reflect on the past half of the year and contemplate our plans for the future.

Even today we should still remember to be thankful for the food we eat and the abundance – in whatever form – we have in our lives.
In celebration hold a picnic or BBQ enjoying the beautiful outdoors with loved ones.

If you have a fire pit or safe place to hold a bonfire these could be used to hold a ritual of thanks.

Binding herbs together and then casting them onto the fire can be given as a solstice offering. If you have received help and support during the year from others you can also give thanks for these people at this time.

If you wish to manifest changes in certain aspects of your life choose specific herbs, flowers or fruits to aid you. Bind them and cast onto the fire, while focusing on your wishes for the future. Some examples of herbs etc. used around the Summer Solstice are as follows –

– Traditionally used for Midsummer – Love, Relaxation, Prosperity, Purification

Sunflower – Happiness, Fertility, Protection

Marigold – A common name is Summer`s Bride often used in Handfastings – Love, general healing of relationships, Happiness and Friendships.

Lavender – Peace, Purification, Stability, Protection

Mistletoe – Herb of the Sun and Sun Gods – Fertility, Love and Healing

Mugwort – During Midsummer this herb can be used for ritual bathing or in blends to burn – Clairvoyance, Protection

Verbena – Youth, Healing, Love, Protection and Purification

Midsummer Manifestation Ritual

Reflect on key areas that you wish to change in your life – be complete. Look at all aspects family, career, self-belief, self-love, everything.

At sun set – light a small candle.

Say aloud “On this longest day I give thanks for the power of the Sun, and draw on its power to manifest my desires in the coming year.

Now focus on that light and the changes you wish to manifest.

Say aloud “I affirm that I will and can allow these wishes to manifest and have faith in the power around me.”

As the candle burns out continue to celebrate the energy of the evening by listening to music, singing etc.