Spirit in the Sun Retreat …..

By September 19, 2016July 11th, 2023News


Thank you all x x x

This new retreat was a big adventure FOR ME ! My first retreat overseas!

And I was blessed that those that came had the Faith and Trust to follow me! x

We have had the most amazing time!

We were blessed to spend to full workshop days in fabulous Molina de Agua, and I send Love and thanks to the beautiful Martha that welcomed us there and provided us with a beautiful 3 course Canarian lunch.



The Earth energies there WERE AMAZING and we were very blessed to be given a talk on the history of Finca Molinode agua by Stephen Matthews who is the guardian of the Sacred space.

He allowed us into their Sacred Circle where for thousands of years the tribes of the Canaries had held ritual and healing, and as we stood there we pulled up the energy and pushed it around the circle we had formed and sent it out as healing to those that we knew who needed it. We then sent it back into our beautiful Mother Earth with love and thanks.



We experienced everything and more … long lazy talks of spirit and the Universe by the pool at Puerto Calma, Luscious Dinners followed by some very late nights!

But we were BLESSED and the energy that bonded us as a family was beautiful.

Thanks to our our Beautiful Sam who made us so proud on the Karaoke Mustang Sally will never sound the same again!

You were all a DELIGHT to be with ….

Feeling Blessed and Thankful

STAY IN YOUR POWER my lovelies

SEE YOU NEXT YEAR lol lol x x x x

Here are more pictures:






Brightest of Blessings Lynn