New moon / Dark moon

By October 22, 2014July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

The difference between these the two moon phases (it’s the same moon, just the phase that changes)

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts the time to make a start on new projects or plans.

It’s a time of the beginning of the increase of energy that the moon influences upon the waters of the earth and these energies can be utilised in magic,

we strive to feel them and to work with them.

But the new moon starts in the darkness with the crescent only becoming noticeable in the sky a couple of days into the cycle.

The new moon belongs to the Maiden, young and pretty, full of the energy and innocence of youth.

The Dark Moon is the period within the darkness when the wane is finished just before the moon phase changes to new just before the first glimpse of the silver horns which is the New moon

The Dark moon is the time of mystery and introspection,

The Dark moon speaks to us of old wisdom …ancestors and ancestral knowledge that is held in the ancient bones of the Crone and yet gives us comfort and a security within the soft cloak of the darkness,

The wise but not always kind old Hag who holds the secrets of mystery and ‘knowing thyself’

The crone feels the shiver of the cold and the knowledge that this is the final phase of life it forces her (and this is the energy we work with)

to look within herself to brutal honest truths and facing our own inner demons to make peace with ourselves.

The Dark moon is a study of it’s own, it is more advanced and holds more intricacies than the other three phases,Magically it’s a time of endings,

of inner work and reflection upon our lives,

Use the dark moon to be still , meditate ,watch and plan …..and then as the New Moon daces into our skies put those plans into action

Bright Blessings x x