Work smarter, not harder

By July 23, 2015July 11th, 2023What's Cooking in the Cauldron

What’s cooking in the Cauldron?

Life is a learning curve …… and sometimes we get bogged down in what we know and what we think we know.
What we have always done and how we do it …
Because we have learned that this way works so we stick with it!

But to progress, to succeed sometimes we have to LISTEN AND LEARN.

I have been blessed this past month to be able to LEARN but not in a classroom.
I have had the pleasure of meeting some new wonderful people around the World and although “people” in general are all the same it is wonderful to LISTEN to how they view the world that we live in and their attitude to it.

Usually we only hear negative things that are going on outside our own “bubble.”
So our objective this Month is to LISTEN and LEARN to try to embrace others Ideas and thoughts.
Some we still may disregard but in amongst it all there may be that pearl of wisdom that sticks with you so that you too can go on to share.


Having had the pleasure of speaking to some amazing Australians this past few weeks, this is what they have taught me.
“WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!” and the classic “SUCK IT UP SISTER,” both I feel excellent advise! xx

Twisted – Willows is listening! We have more dates to add to the calendar shortly …. please tell us what YOU would like from us.

A huge THANK YOU to the beautiful Souls that attended the Psychic Day – YOU WERE AMAZING xx

Summer Retreat is now sold out and only 2 left on the Wiccan Retreat, thank you all for such amazing support. We have some fabulous news to release shortly.

watch this space

Brightest of Blessings Lynn x x

We Must
Poet: William Arthur Ward

We must be silent before we can listen.
We must listen before we can learn.
We must learn before we can prepare.
We must prepare before we can serve.
We must serve before we can lead.

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.”
― Zeno of Citium

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
― Ernest Hemingway