Home Sweet Home

By February 10, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

With spring approaching this is a good time to, not only have a sort out around the home, but also begin to work a little magic. Our home is often the place that we retreat to. Where we go to relax, recharge and spend time with loved ones. Therefore it is important that we keep negativity at bay here, and encourage peace, love and prosperity.

In Wicca and other cultures the home is often viewed as extension of yourself and therefore it should be considered as a sanctuary. Where you and loved ones are nurtured. Therefore by using various protective traditions you can increase positive energies and banish negative ones.

For Harmony…..

Sometimes people who visit our homes can create negativity. To help to dispel this negativity hang a string of garlic up in your hallway. Use a ribbon to hang the garlic using a colour that best represents the feelings that you wish to achieve e.g. pink for love and friendship or gold for happiness and health. You can also tie herbs to the garlic, basil is associated with love and protection. You could always add these elements into a charm bag which may be easier to hang.

Rosemary is also useful in creating protection against negative energies. Plant the Rosemary in pots and position outside of external doorways or at the edge of your property. You can also plant other herbs in pots drawing on their individual properties to promote health, prosperity etc. depending on the areas you wish to draw into your life.


In Wiccan tradition bottles and jars (a witch bottle) were used to create protection from negativity or malicious witchcraft. They would also be used around Samhain to keep evil spirits away from the home. The bottles or jars need a lid and will be filled full of sharp objects like glass and pins, sea salt for purification, basil for protection, red ribbon for protection, a piece of paper with your surname written on it, and a black candle to dispel negativity. Put everything into the jar and seal using the candle. It is thought then that the bottle will the either absorb any negativity or repel it back to the sender.

Bury close to your house and always take with you if you move.


Cleaning baths are used during rituals to help cleanse the mind and soul. Enabling you to reflect on the aspects of your life and ways of thinking that you want to wash way.

Use white candles for purity turning down any artificial light.

Place your herbs into a muslin bag and sit the bag in the water. This enables the herbs to infuse into the bath. For the cleansing bath, herbs such as Sage, Lavender, and Cinnamon can be used. Once you are in the bath, breath slowly and clear you mind, then begin to visualise the negativity slowly leaving your body and entering the water. Once you are ready slowly sit back up…take your time when sitting up and getting out of the bath. Now as you remove the plug. Watch the water drain away, taking all the negativity away with it.


Ritual baths can also be used to promote prosperity. Under a waxing moon carry out the ritual. Use candles in the colour that best represents your intent, add salt to the bath for purification and add silver coins. Begin to visualise the abundance and prosperity coming into your life.

With all aspects of our lives consider….like attracts like…so stay positive and keep moving forward.

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