As above, so below

By February 2, 2017July 11th, 2023Walking a Wiccan Path

When walking a Wiccan path we should always look to nature, to guide us in our everyday lives.

As the winter months are now passing, new life will begin to emerge around us. In our gardens we will begin to clear out the old and begin to prepare for the months ahead by nourishing and reassessing the land. Pagans often quote ‘as above, so below’ which essentially refers to the balance of nature and the importance of maintaining that harmonious stability.

Therefore we should be assessing the balance, within our own lives. As if we do not look after ourselves, physically and mentally then how can we sustain and grow. When carrying out rituals energy is required to project our intent therefore we need to be focused and stable for them to manifest.

Start by assessing the balance within your life look at all aspects, career, relationships, health, and your own outlook and thoughts. Could there be areas of your life that are in need of a ‘spring clean’ do you need to remove negative influences so that you can have a more balanced approach. Could you have adopted negative behaviour patterns that are unhelpful in moving forward?

If you do identify areas that need an adjustment visualise what you want to achieve. – This could be in your lifestyle, working environment, relationships or changes that you want to develop within yourself emotionally. Now as with a plant that is beginning to grow, nourish and care for yourself, and consider what you need to do this. Be patient and accept the changes. This is not always easy as we often feel safe with familiarity. Change can feel daunting. However if the seasons did not change, then we miss out on so much and have nothing to look forward too. We are part of nature, even thou we have slowly removed ourselves from it. Nature can teach us so much if only we stop to listen and see.