Amazing Glastonbury Retreat

By October 26, 2016July 11th, 2023News


Once again we were blessed!

Our Glastonbury retreat was a huge success thank you to all those involved , it was a different retreat from others we have facilitated, but was amazing.

We climbed the TOR with every step a prayer …..

We sat at the Well head of the Chalice Well and absorbed the energy , drank the healing waters ……

We visited Glastonbury Abbey and connected with the ancestor energy and the trees who are our wisdom keepers , we lit candles in the chapel ….

And shopped in the high street!

WE felt all the energies that Glastonbury has to offer the Masculine Tor, the Feminine Well the carnival of the high street and the Peace and tranquility of the Abbey.

We were blessed with good weather, good souls and good food thanks to Rachael.

Mind, Body and Soul nurtured.

Big thanks to the amazing Denise Perrin that graced us with her presence, Wisdom and wit.

But huge thanks for the energy that you all brought with you, and as we left that special bond of love and friendship that had been formed.

See you again soon my beautiful ones.

Brightest of Blessings Lynn