Allow yourself to receive

By August 24, 2015July 11th, 2023What's Cooking in the Cauldron

Beautiful Young

Whats cooking in the Cauldron?

Hoping that everyone is enjoying the Summer whether we have sunshine …..or not xx

We at Twisted Willows are feeling very blessed at the minute as all plans coming together and …….. we now have a larger stand at the NEC Birmingham September 11/12/13th

and Weston event in November is filling up with such beautiful souls bringing their talents and products with them! xxx

So in amongst the hustle bustle at the moment there has been a beautiful vibration of excitement of anticipation and Joy and made me stop to think

If we all radiate joy, laughter and love in our own way, there will be no dark corner left unlit…………… so we should share our laughter and joy and light the dark corners!

However ………. we should also allow ourselves to receive. I was blessed with receiving two beautiful gifts this week and as usual when we have something unexpected delivered.

I looked at the postman and said “Me these are for me?” they are indeed, he said with a beaming smile.

So instead of blustering my usual …… You should not of gone to this trouble speech to the beautiful souls that sent the gifts ….

I accepted and allowed myself to bask in the beauty and love that the gifts were sent with!

Therefore allowing someone to send out their Love and Joy

Keep sending your love, your light, your healing ……..

But remember to allow yourself to receive ………. for you also deserve

Big Hugs to you all have a beautiful week

Brightest of Blessings Lynn